February 2011

Okay, it’s awesome time. The LEO has gotten back to me, and they are going to run our comics, weekly, in a half page spread next to News of the Weird. Starting next week.  That’s a good thing, and I hope everyone tries to take advantage of it. The LEO gets dropped off weekly in over 900 locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. I have no idea how many thousands of people read it weekly, but I know that all of them flip to the News of the Weird, where our work will be.  Having your work in the LEO is like being up in every gallery in town for a week, but way better.  This, plus the new website, will increase the visibility of any artist that wants to participate. So c’mon, make something you’re proud of and let’s get it published.

Submissions need to be self contained, 4by9 inches or 9 by4 inches depending, they can be black and white or color. Remember this is a newspaper, so censor yourself accordingly. If you’re interested in this, let me know and we can talk more about it. It even pays a little. The more of us submit work, and the wider the variety, the cooler this will be.

Also: I haven’t heard from people about the next anthology! The theme is the future, 4 pages b/w pg13. Due date: end of March/early April. in the interest of full disclosure: I haven’t even begun my comic for this yet. My plan is to try and siphon ideas from the LCS brainbank at next meeting. I recommend this as a plan to anyone else who isn’t sure what they want to do.

big thanks to Phil Back, who has been working to get the LCS website running.

And: The Library is hanging a show of comics from LCS members in the month of March. Ideal size: 11″x17″ on paper. I’m told they’ll do the framing and the hanging, so this is kind of an easy one.  If you want to submit work- please do. Contact me, or bring our work to our next meeting.

Which is: Next Meeting- Thursday Feb 24th -LCS World Headquarters@ the Mother of Sorrows/ Squallis Puppeteers building 770 Eastern Parkway. 7:30.

Bring your ideas, recent work, or something you’d like to share. Last meeting we did some pass and draw stuff, and I was hoping this meeting would be more of a chance to see what everyone’s been up to.  Remember you’re welcome even if you haven’t been to  a meeting in a while or ever. Come share your work!

We’re going to keep the meetings a booze-free zone, but for those of us who prefer a little booze with their doodle, check out the weekly drink and draw. These are a ton of fun, and usually bounce between Sergio’s and Zanzabar. keep an eye on your email for the weekly update!

Hope everyone is well, and I’ll see you the 24th!


Jan. 11 2011

It’s been awhile, but we’re having a good old fashioned meeting! I’m happy to announce that as of this morning at 9,  Joe Welsh and I have procured a studio space. A home and headquarters for the Louisville Cartoonist Society! And good timing too, because there’s about a dozen things up and coming:

Chronologically first, we’ll begin collecting work to display at the Main Branch of the library the months of Feb-March. Ideally, one or two things from everyone,( 11″x17″ =best size) and if it’s been published and you have a copy to lend, the library will display the books too. Best of all, they’ll frame and hang it for us!  Give me a heads up if you want to contribute.

We have a booth and are featured vendors/ panel members at this summer’s Derby City ComicCon and should get discuss accordingly. They have some questions for their website.

I got an email recently from a writer in need of an artist:
“My name is Rob Stepp and I am a writer in the need of an artist. I didn’t know if some of your artist would be interested. I am writing a comic book that I was going to submit to a few different companies to try and get published. Please email me back as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.”

Comics for our next Anthology, on the theme The Future, are due March 1st. As last time, 4 pages black and white maximum, pg-13 please!
We have a new model of anthology to propose and discuss. It involves shorter anthologies being produced by two or three artists and coming out in quicker rotation. It’s an exciting idea, and we’ll discuss how it might work at the meeting.

The LEO proposals are due this Thursday by noon.  4″x9″ b/w or color 300dpi jpegs. I’ll send the strips to Britany Baker, the LEO’s art director, Friday morning.  So far I’ve got strips from: Steven Bowman, Bruce Thomas, Zach Allen, Jason Mattingly, Stephen Johnson, and myself. If you’ve submitted work and aren’t on the list, or still want to submit something, please let me know. Remember,  all members are encouraged to submit. If not this time, we’ll see you for the next round.

Actor’s Theatre would like to feature the LCS at an upcoming Art after Dark event. It will likely involve some form of live drawing, and a degree of crowd participation. ( no caricature, no ‘draw me batman’, but some interactive stuff). If you’re interested in participating, we can talk at the meeting.

And- along with this breathtakingly important news ( which I promise to burn through in less than 30 minutes) we’ll be doing some pass and draw stuff, and looking at whatever you bring.

The new space is on the third floor of the our Mother of Sorrows building, right on Eastern Parkway and Preston .We share the space with Squallis Puppeteers, our studio’s down the hall. the address is: 770 Eastern Parkway 40217. NEW MEETING! NEXT TUESDAY THE 18TH AT 7:30! AT THE As-Yet-Unnamed NEW LCS HEADQUARTERS! WOO !

See you there!




How’s your winter going? Cold, probably. Come bask in the warmth of comics-based community at the next LCS meeting!  This Wednesday- yeahyeah the day after tomorrow, sorry such short notice – at Preston Arts Center 7:30-9 pm!

What will we be doing?

It’s been too long since we just met and looked at each other’s work, so sharing what you’ve been up to is the primary goal for this meeting. There’s some exciting ideas and projects floating around and I’m excited to see what everyone’s doing lately. Outside of anything else the group does, our best purpose is to share our ideas and work. Bring sketchbooks, artbooks, comic books, and any ideas you want to discuss. There are some ideas/ upcoming events to discuss too, as you can see below.

I’d love to hang out and do some drawing too. Please let me know if you can make it, and if you have any special ideas or agenda items.

This Saturday I’ll be at the Portland Art Fair, and I want to put out LCS books for sale! If you have any comics you’d like me to put out, please bring them to me and I’ll happily get them on the table!

Upcoming Stuff to be Excited about:

The Downtown library would like to display comics pages from LCS members in the month of February. We’ll be needing around 20 pieces, and collecting work in mid January.

Comics for our next Anthology, on the theme The Future, are due March 1st. As last time, 4 pages black and white maximum, pg-13 please!

Actor’s Theatre would like LCS artists to participate in 2 consecutive Late Seating Events this Spring.

This summer, the LCS will have a booth and be participating in a panel on independent comics at the Derby City Comic Con!

Joe Welsh has a great idea for a year round anthology series that features 2-3 artists at a time, and we can discuss more of what that would mean and how it might work.

I’m still collecting 4″by 9″ strips for our submission to LEO! Remember strips can be black and white or color, and we are looking for a diverse approach! If you aren’t sure if you’d be a good fit, try the format! You may surprise yourself.

Next meeting- Wednesday the 15 at Preston Arts Center! 7:30- 9! Bring Comics if you want me to try to sell them for you! Thanks! Stay Warm!


Hey! I hope you’re all having an excellent early Fall.  Here’s the latest Cartoonist Society news. I’ve kinda broken it down into digestable chunks. Biggest stuff: COMICNOMICON anthology and show the 29th, plus LEO’s LCS page. More below.

Help the Americana Center !

Sarah Zarantello, from the Americana Center is hoping to find an artist who could donate some time to work with a diverse group of kids. here’s her note:
“I am the Creative Arts Coordinator at Americana Community Center, I was given your contact information by Jonathan Hawp. He expressed to me that you might be the person to talk to about donating time to teach a Comic and Cartooning class at our community center. I don’t know if you are familiar with our center, we are a non-profit located on the south end of Louisville and serve primarily refugee and recent immigrant populations. In our after-school youth program we have students ages 6-18. I am attempting to reach out to our diverse population and get them engaged in the arts. I feel like many of our Burmese and Thai students would greatly benefit from learning more about the process of creating comics. Please let me know if this is something you would have interest in, or if you know of someone else who might.”

My schedule won’t let me get near this for at least a couple months. I would like to help, and can say this: I will help anyone who wants to do this in any way I can: planning, borrowing materials, etc. If you might be interested in this please let me know!


The Comicnomicon release show is at the Rudyard Kipling on Oak st Friday October 29th Carrie Neumayer is working on getting our band line up sorted out, and then we’re gonna need posters! The show will feature original art work from the anthology, and have books for sale!  This would be an excellent opportunity to bring your own books to sell, as we plan on making it a party!  Bands, costumes, comics- it’ll be Spooktacular!
Look for more info next week.

New Space

I miss LCS meetings. Partially we have had any this summer because of scheduling, but also we’ve grown past most spaces that could take us. No more upstairs meetings at Cumberland Brews!
Joe Welsh and I are 3/4ths of the way into a new space in the Squallis building on Eastern Parkway. It’s a supremely cool old classroom that I’m hoping to use for LCS meetings and teaching classes. We’re dealing with insurance/lease stuff at the moment, but I’ll keep everybody posted and as soon as we’re in there, it’s on.

COMICNOMICON is to press!

So I finally finished the Anthology this week. Comixpress has it and assures me we’ll have it in time for our big show the 29th!

Here’s how I did it this time. The collected COMICNOMICON is 92 pages of pure shrieking comics genius, with color front and back covers, and its trade-bound, with a spine. Price from comixpress is a little less than 5 a book, I ordered 300 for an initial run, and put a price of 10 dollars on it.

I did go ahead and pay for the whole thing up front, because I needed to get it out and we haven’t had a meeting in forever. Here’s how I’m hoping we can parse that out.
All contributors can buy as many as 10 books at 5 each, and you’re welcome to sell them for 10 bucks where-ever you like. ( although I’ll handle Preston’s and the Great Escape)
We have over 20 artists contributing to this anthology

here’s the math:
1500 COMICNOMICON print cost
-262 current LCS assets, from t-shirt and First Anthology sales

-1000 if 20 artists each buy 10 copies at 5 bucks apiece

and we operate in the red for a bit until we sell some books. I don’t figure all of you guys are going to buy 10 books, but regular LCS members are welcome to buy their ( single copy) for 9 dollars each. We’ll take our profits and put them back toward more printings or the next anthology, whichever comes first.

This is how we printed the first edition, and that worked out pretty well. As you can see, the LCS anthologies are NOT much of a for-profit concern, but they are really cool, and do publicize all the included artists and the comics scene in Louisville.


Peter Berkowitz writes for the Velocity and puts art and music shows together for Sunergos Coffee. He’s looking for someone/someones to design/create some posters. Good experience/ foot in the door for showing there( I’ve done well showing at coffee shops!), and you can always haggle for free coffee as payment. His message is below.

“I am booking live music at Sunergos, but only for the new shop in the Beechmont neighborhood.
Not only is this shop much bigger and better suited to performances than the original Germantown shop, but it’s also a way to attract neighbors to come in and sample the new shop.
The best way to alert people to our upcoming concerts is, of course, through poster art. I know that the members of the LCS are the best talents in town to help us with this, so I hope that everyone will be interested.

We generally have monthly concerts. October and November are already booked.
Here are details:!/event.php?eid=155749654436882!/event.php?eid=125548117496552
I look forward to seeing what we can do with this!”

email him

Local designers/architects have collected a literal ton of extra supplies and gathered them up across the river in Jeffersonville, so that artists and educators (folks like us) can pick them up for free and use them to make things. Mostly sculptural stuff-glass, carpet, brick, vinyl…
Here’s the address- 253 Quarter Master Ct Jeffersonville IN. You can go there: Fri Sept 24th 3-7pm, Sat Sept 25th 9am-1pm, or Fri Oct 1st 3pm-7pm.
Cool idea and who doesn’t love free stuff? Tell a friend if you don’t need anything yourself.

LEO LCS Spotlight page!

Not an imaginary story! The only thing between a regular local cartoonist spotlight in the LEO and reality is us ! Are you guys into this idea? I’ve been busy with anthology stuff, but it’s time to get the LCS page together! If you’re interested let me hear from you so I can get a list going!

That’s it for now. I can’t wait for you guys to see the Comicnomicon. It looks good because of the hard  work and skill you put into it. I’m excited to move to the next thing for the LCS.



Things that are going on right now:

I am putting together everyone’s pages for the Horror Anthology.
The Horror Anthology needs a title! Below are some suggestions and brainstorms. Anything strike your fancy?
The Pantheon has a sweet website!  Check it out here: Congratulations guys, it looks terrific!
The Cincinnati Comic Con is coming up September 18th- check it out here:
I’m missing yet another Boozendoodle. Sorry guys- you are always in my mind!

I’ll be at the Worldfest on the Belvedere downtown representing LCS this Friday. Just had the opportunity come up this week. I’ll have LCS shirts and comics for sale. Worldfest is probably has the highest density of amazing food in one place that happens in the city all year. It like a badass international foodcourt, plus there’s music and costumes and dancing and beads from all over the place. And the LCS will be there, because a buddy of mine has some room in his booth. Come by if you can!

The biggest news of this exact moment, though, has got to be the New LCS Spotlight at LEO Weekly. We got it! Half page in color. Weekly. Rotating Local Cartoonists. This is going to be really cool. A weekly guaranteed audience across the city and a greater profile for the Comics scene in Louisville. People will be flipping straight to the LCS page to see what’s up this week.

Half a page in full color is a bunch of space to play with- our spotlight page is going to be like a weekly art gallery.

They’re even going to pay us! How much, you ask? Well that’s a funny story.

25 dollars a comic.

You may be thinking that doesn’t sound like much money and you’re right. Its a little better than Golden Age rates. But- this is awesome AND will get your name out there AND will have your comics across the city AND be a brand new art venue in this city AND help everybody sell books AND get kids excited and making comics too AND is awesome. And they’re paying us.  Plus- if we do this for a year we have the Winter 2011 Anthology in the bag.

So whaddya think? The page size is roughly 9.5×4.5 or vice-versa.  Can we as a group fill at least a year’s worth ( about 52)  of comics that kick ass? I think we can, but I need to hear from you guys. The normal publication guidelines will be in place- no real swearing, lowish violence, surprisingly little sex- and we won’t be printing any ‘to be continueds…’ What do you think? We’ll need at least 6 in the can before we go to press and once we start, we’ll need to keep going.

(Also I know I’m telling all you guys this information, but lets keep it kind of to ourselves for a moment. There’s a bunch of good reasons for this I’ll get into later. )

This kind of brings me to my next thought: after a busy Spring, it’s been a slow summer for regular LCS meetings. Fortunately for those of us able to attend, there has been the Boozendoodle sessions on Wednesdays, but we haven’t had a regular meeting in some time. Partly I’ve been busy, but we also have been pinched for a regular meeting space. I’d like to get back to meeting regularly for actual critique and focused drawing jams,  begin to cultivate more show opportunites, help get books published and promoted, and develop things in the community like the teen society/ anthology I’ve spoken to some of you about.

For these and other reasons- like my regular teaching stuff- I’m going to very part time at Preston’s and getting a studio/class space in the Squallis Puppeteers building on Eastern Parkway.
I hope to expand my teaching/freelance stuff and make a home for the LCS all at once.

This should be happening around October, which, for those keeping score, is the same month of our Anthology Horror Show ( October 29th) and my own wedding ( October 23rd), which by the way, you’re all invited to the Rudyard Kipling that night for an astounding afterparty. Big month, and a bunch to do, but I’m more excited than ever about the LCS.

So if you see me in the street for the next two months and I don’t recognize you, it’s because I’m sleeping standing up. Be kind and move me out of the sun.

Below are some ideas for horror anthology titles. See anything spooktacular?

Potential Titles for the LCS Horror Anthology

Cup of Blood 1 & 2
Condo Of Fear (( Co-op of Terror, Duplex of Horror, etc..)
Scream Parade
New Blood
Don’t Sleep!
Buffet of Blood
Morgue ( of …)
Toe Tags
Surprise! You’re Dead! ( thanks Faith No More!)
It Came from Our Brains!
Encyclopedia of Fear
Friend Good Fire Bad!
Whispers and Screams
We Belong Dead!
Brain Feast
Tentacle Sandwich
We Scare Ourselves
Read Me at Night

Scary Comics from Scary People 

Other thoughts?

Okay that’s enough for now. Thanks for hanging in there everybody. Let me hear from you-


oh and I’ll try to get quicker with individual responses. I definitely helps to change the subject header on your email so I can keep track of everyone. Thanks.

I gotta say I’m excited about all the work I’m seeing coming in for the anthology. What I’ve seen so far is both inspiring and a bit intimidating, but mostly so readable– so well done. Finish your pages up! I want to get an idea of what we’ve got so we can get this thing formatted and off to the printer in time for Halloween.

Please take a look at the list below and let me know if there are any corrections. I’M EXTENDING THE DEADLINE TIL THE 15TH, but I”ll if I don’t hear from you by that point we’re going on ahead.

Thoughts on titles?

-Horror & Comics & Rock Halloween Show-
We are on for the Rud ( Rudyard Kipling on 4 & Oak- a really cool space if you’ve never been there) for FRIDAY OCTOBER 29th for our Anthology release show and party. I’m thinking: smoke machines, costumes, ‘spooky happenings’ and so on. An awesome Halloween party. I’d like to form a small planning group for this. If you can help, let me know.

BANDS/ENTERTAINMENT: Hey local musicians! Who do you know who’d want to play our Halloween show? Joe says he and the guys from Adventure can play. Carrie? Second Story Man up to the Spooktacular? Maybe you guys can help me figure out what to charge at the door too. We want to be sure folks get paid.  I’d love to have a palm/ tarot card reader floating around, maybe a magician between bands. I’ve spoken to a burlesque contortionist, and a installation/performance artist, and we might get some interesting happening with those folks.

List of Artists Contributing to the HORROR STORIES ANTHOLOGY:

Bruce Thomas-recieved

Samal McNealy -recieved

Zach Allen- recieved

Steve Bowman- Received

Ted Nathanson- received

Ron King- received

Daniel Frazier- received

Cary Baker- received

Kelven Goodner

Jonathan Hawpe

Brooke Hernando -received

Carrie Neumayer- recieved

Kristie Semmel

Phil Back

Alex Wilson

Stephen Johnson

Rene Blansette- recieved

Matt Edmondson

Jenevieve Broomall

Tobin Fields

J Noble

Ryan Burns

Steph Clark

Marissa Gentry

also- if you haven’t picked up a copy of Steve Bowman’s Sidekicks yet you are truly missing out. It’s a funny, smart read with some terrific art. Well done, Steve! The bar gets higher…

Jeff and I are planning another meeting for Spot 5 coming up soon, but in the meantime I invite everyone -even youngsters cause its a restaurant not a bar- to the boozendoodles at Zbar on Wednesday nights.

L.C.S.! Keep making awesome things, let me know what’s going on, and I look forward to seeing more comics!


Hey guys! Anthology due dates are coming up! I’d like to have people’s work by the 10th of August. The best way for you to get it to me is digitally as a jpeg, either through email or on disc. Email me or find me at Preston’s. Comixpress asks for a 300 dpi resolution. The template I use for sizing is here. Final page size is 6.625×10.25″, which is proportional to standard comic blue line boards. Below is a list of people who I know are contributing, and whose work I’ ve already received. This includes pin-ups as well as stories.  If this is wrong in any way, let me know.

List of Artists Contributing to the HORROR STORIES ANTHOLOGY:

Bruce Thomas-recieved

Samal McNealy -recieved

Zach Allen

Steve Bowman- Received

Ted Nathanson- received

Ron King- received

Daniel Frazier- received

Cary Baker- received

Kelven Goodner

Jonathan Hawpe

Brooke Hernando -received

Carrie Neumayer

Kristie Semmel

Phil Back

Alex Wilson

Stephen Johnson

Rene Blansette- recieved

Matt Edmondson

Jenevieve Broomall

Tobin Fields

J Noble

So it’s a bunch of us. I’m going to suggest we do two books, to keep prices reasonable. We can print a larger compilation later. Covers are coming in.

Ron King

Steven Bowman

Cary Baker


Jenevieve Broomall is working on a cover too. If we do two books we’ll have room for 4 color covers: two front & two back, and we’ll have at least space for two b/w ‘pin ups on the inside pages.

We do need to come up with suggestions for title and title design. I always like hand drawn logos, but lets see what we come up with.  Facebookers: maybe we can get a discussion going on the topic.

More later!




Well there’s a lot going on. Sorry if you haven’t heard from me in a bit, summers are always my crazy work time. I’ve been teaching all over the place, and working on some new developments for the Cartoonist Society. Without further ado:

1) I‘ve been in meetings with the LEO to establish a home for the LCS within its glossy, full color, widely distributed ( and free!) pages. How it would work: we would feature one artist at a time on (probably) a half page of the magazine. Full color or Black and White. Done in One, no ‘to be continued’. These should be pretty sweet looking, and we’re going to want a wide range of work. I would be acting as editor/ contact for the LEO. Submissions would be made as jpegs, and subject to editorial approval. The Anthologies will still be there to showcase all of us together. We’re waiting to hear back on final page sizes, how often ( I proposed twice monthly) and how much they want to pay us. As soon as I hear about page sizes, I’ll send out a call for entries. We’d want at least a couple months worth of stuff in the can and ready to go, so we can review it with LEO editorial and not get smashed by deadlines.  If this comes to fruition, well, it’ll just be awesome, and we can talk about it later.

2) As part of my talk with LEO, creative director Britany Baker asked for illustration submissions she could use. Paying jobs, people! Here’s what I need: a jpg with your contact info and several diverse, professional examples of your work. Send em in by August 1st, and I’ll send them along.

3) How’s your Horror Comic coming? Mine’s so scary I have to turn on all the lights in the house so I can work on it. I still hope to collect them by The first week of August so we can get them out by October.
If you’re having trouble working on it you should come to

4) Boozendoodle. Yes I still plan on coming tonight. You miss a couple of meetings and everybody lays on the social media guilt trip. These things are fun and informal and meet 8 pm Wednesdays at Zanzabar on Preston. Lot of fun, even if drinking makes me lousy at drawing. A good way to keep up with everyone without having to get to a meeting, which is getting harder to come by seeing as:

5) Friday the 16th of July the Speed Art Museum wants the LCS to be a part of it’s Art After Dark event. These are basically museum parties- there’s bands and booze and a big crowd. We’d be up in the main flow, and what I’ve proposed is for LCS Artists to do a demo drawing, while talking to patrons and maybe discussing/showing a few cartooning tips. There will materials for the public to draw, but it’s a party, not a class. The museum and I are going back and forth on this, and I know its last minute-ish, but here’s the rundown:
We only need a few artists, but here’s what you’d need to do: Live Draw, Informally Speak to the Public, Represent, and be available next Friday in the Evening for 2-3 hours. It pays, too, pretty well but I’m waiting on final word for exact figures.
Drop me a line if you’re interested.

6) What else? Well there’s certainly more stuff going on, but that’s plenty for now, wouldn’t you say?  Keep drawing, keep working on your horror stories, and remember: if you have a good idea for the group, share it! That’s what we’re all here for! More meeting info to follow.


P.S. I figure we should start thinking about the Horror cover about now. Got thoughts? Suggestions? Wanna do it? Let me know. We may need to vote.


Cartoonists!Here’s the news about last Wednesday’s meeting at Spot 5. The big upcoming deal is the next LCS Anthology, which will be a HORROR theme. 1-4 pages, black and white, content up to you. Its a horror anthology, but we’re aiming at keeping it somewhat pg-13. 

So Horror Anthology, use your common sense regarding what’s appropriate, 1-4 pgs, DUE Early AUGUST -so I can compile ’em in time for our October 29th Comics-n-Rock-n-Horror show at the Rudyard Kipling! This one should be tons of fun. I’m thinking: costumes, comics, music, and inspired weirdness. We’ve already got tarot readers, art installations, and more. I haven’t been to a great Halloween party in years, so the LCS is gonna throw one.

Bring your thumbnails for your Horror stuff, or anything else you’ve got going on you’d like to share, to the next meeting- SPOT 5 Friday July16 at 7:30! I had a blast at the last meeting. It was terrific to see all our members, plus all the new members who joined us for the first time. We had some spirited discussions about storytelling and story-starting, and, as always, I came away totally inspired and ready to draw.

Other good news: Alex Wilson has been kind enough to organize a drink-n-draw ( I prefer booze-n-doodle, because I like o’s) starting this Wednesday at Zanzabar on Preston. Let’s try to take over the little area in the front, I figure we could dominate that space pretty nicely! I think we said 8:30 or so?
Come out!

Next anthology topic ( besides Horror) THE FUTURE! Consider it!

Okay that’s all I got for now, which is plenty, right? Everybody keep drawing, keep reading, and keep in touch!



regarding anthology submissions:

please submit your pages to me as jpegs. It makes it way faster for me to get the books printed. the template for bleed/trim/ general size :


LCS booth at the Louisville Visual Art Association’s Buy Local Fair, May 2010.


Cartoonists!Thanks to everyone who came out and saw the Louisville Cartoonist Society this past month! We’ve had a lot of fun at Spot 5 Gallery, Skull Alley, and getting our anthologies up around town. This email is going to more folks than usual, and a number of you are brand new to the group. Welcome! 

I’m excited by the positive response and how many people who read comics, who love comics, also make comics. Cartooning and comics- and I’m proud of both terms, although if you want to prefer Narrative Artist, or Graphic Novels- more power to you- are distinctly accessible forms of mass audience, easily reproducible storytelling/ art that an individual- a fan- can become a creator of pretty easily. You have to draw and xerox and distribute.

Our group exists to promote independent comics in the city by: helping/encouraging/ critiquing each other toward our shared goals of getting better at cartooning and finishing our stories, making it easier for artists to sell their work and for people to find it, and inspiring each other.
It’s going pretty great so far. Every time I see a Merch table covered in local comics, I get all happy inside.

NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY JUNE 2nd 7:15 to 9:00 at Spot 5 Gallery, 2044 Frankfort Avenue 40206 We meet in the studio behind the Gallery.

To meet new members and regroup after all the Comic Month hullabaloo. To discuss LCS’ next direction and upcoming events. To vote/decide on the next anthology topic. To see what people have been doing.  If you’re coming: bring some art. Whether it’s your sketchbook and plans for a comic, or an 8000 page graphic novel you’ve been working on under the stairs, to be in this group means to work on comics. If you are an excited reader/comics enthusiast, rad ( I am too), but meetings are for makers.

We’ll plan a follow up meeting to be a less formal art-jam. It seems like alternating between drawing sessions and more critique/ info sharing-type meetings makes the most sense.  Remember- The LCS is a Hub for local comics- a place to meet and plan but not the only venue. Just like most of the drawing/writing thinking you do for your work happens outside the group, I really encourage Drawing Jams, Crits, events, etc outside of the meetings.

I’m sending this information to over 50 of you now- which is awesome- but also means that its important for Jeff and I to get an idea of how many of you are coming. PLEASE let me know if you’re coming to this meeting!

Last note- I’ll be out for awhile next week. If you have questions please address them to the group-( unless they’re personal, in which case, why are you asking me anyway?)- and I’ll get back to you from the road as I can.

Thanks! See you on the 2nd!


April 18th 2010

Thanks to everyone who contributed art, came out to the show, or otherwise supported the Comics and Rock event on Friday. It was a Blast! We met a lot of new people- we even seem to have fans now, which is awesome. All the bands sounded great, and extra thanks to Carrie for hanging it up for us.
Ahhhhh ( moment of contemplation and reflection on the show)

On to the next business!

Spot 5 Show for the rest of the month! If you contributed work to C&R show, then I have your stuff and plan on taking it over to Spot 5 tomorrow. If you have new stuff you’d like included in the spot 5 show- and there’s plenty o’ room- you need to drop it off at Spot 5 today or tomorrow. I wasn’t able to find their Sunday Hours, but in the meantime, just give them a call ..Work need to be bagged, mounted, or otherwise distinguished from flimsy copier paper, and please attach your: Name, Contact Info/email, Price( if you’re selling), and title if you’ve got one. Also-drop me a line if you’re bringing work in- I want to know who’s doing what and that’ll help us not to lose your stuff.

I’ll be going over there tomorrow night to hang, and I’ve spoke with a couple of you about helping out. Please let me know if you’re coming out.

In other news- there’s a lot to talk about and the group is doing really well. We may need to have a debrief/ next stage planning/ new member meeting, and then a drawing jam/crit meeting back to back. I’m enjoying all the press and events, but man, I really wanna draw.
After we get the show hung and set, we’ll make plans for the next meeting.

Thanks everybody!


april flier by: Rene Blansette.

This weekend:Bruce Thomas will be at the Almost Famous Author’s Faire at the Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana from noon until 7:00 p.m. with his books and comics. 

Ryan Burns will be featured in the C-J Sunday morning, in conjunction with his show at GALERIE HERTZ that opens Sunday evening.

Awesome work,  guys! Way to kick off Comics month! It is in this way that we shall soon rule the River City.

Let’s get out there and support our cartoonist brethren!

L! C! S!

Keep Drawing!


Hey Okay!
Busy times!I just finished a meeting with Joe Lord from Velocity. They’re gonna put the L.C.S. on the April 7th cover, and may be calling a few of you for more info and art clearances. Hotcha! Press! This is a good thing. 

May 23rd we’ve got a table/booth at the Watertower for the Louisville Visual Art Association’s Buy Local First Fair. We’ll be selling Anthologies and member books. There’ll be bands and stuff going on; please let me know if you can come.

Also- June 26 I’ll have a table at The Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Art. Its a new festival, booths are really very cheap, and they’d love to have comic artists. I’ll be there, and I’ll put out people’s books, but It’d be really nice to have other people around.

Both of the above are opportunities for YOU to sell books/do stuff. If you are remotely interested in more info, or just curious, please let me know.

In other news:
We are working on a day that I can get to Eastern H.S. to meet with their web class. Details to follow.

SHOW UPDATE/ REVISION :  There’s been a conflict of timing that works out in our favor. The Spot 5 show won’t open until the 23rd. Which is ideal because that way we can put whatever we want in the Skull Alley Show on the 16th. Also gives us time to figure mounting/framing/presenting people’s work.

Next meeting: 7:30 April 2nd AT SPOT 5 Gallery. It’s a Friday.

Bring what you want to put up for the show.  In fact, please contact me if you are going to bring something to the show. My fear is that I’m sending this to 20 or so people, 15 are actually reading it, 8 are deciding they can’t bother, and the rest are going to say they are but not do anything. I KEEP TELLING PEOPLE WE ARE A GROUP AND THEY’RE STARTING TO BELIEVE ME. Please help me prove it.

I have not made a flier yet. I have not prepared work to hang yet. But I can and I will and you can too.  Right now, I have no official books to sell or art to show that I haven’t either made or put together, because no one has told me what they plan on bringing. Give me a list. Post on the website. Email each other/ the whole group. If I don’t hear back from you I have no way of knowing who is coming to meetings or going to contribute or what. I keep mentioning this because it is a real problem.


L.C.S. t-shirts
Banners for tables.
Promotional material in general.
member catalog- artists and their books.

That’s it for now.


…if we say it is. but we all have to work for it.

Here’s what’s going on: a pile of opportunities that you need to take advantage of. Like first: Jeff Freeman at Spot 5 Studios is hosting us for a comic art show  opening April 9th, and running through the last Friday/tons of people gallery Hop, where we’re going to have people  ( so far me) doing some live comic drawing and selling their books like maniacs. To take advantage of this: prepare your favorite art for the wall ( bag it, mount it, frame it, find a way to fancy it up… if you have questions let me know) and bring it to Spot 5 on or by Friday April 2nd and get it to Jeff. We want a lot of stuff on the wall, and we want diverse stuff too. Carrie’ll have some painting in there. I’ll have some weird-ish stuff too. Quality sketchbook stuff counts!- just  prep it for the wall. We are not going to prep your work for you. We’ll also be selling books, and if you have anything to bring to the table, LET ME KNOW ( like tell me what you have, how much it costs how many you have… )

Friday April 16TH- Second Story Man/ Adventure show at Skull Alley. Carrie and Joe are in bands and have graciously agreed to use their rock status to promote our comics. We will have art on the wall -for one night only- so submit your work with this show in mind too. We will also have books/merch happening here too, and to a totally different audience, so don’t miss this opportunity. Get to xeroxin’!

Friday April 30th- Last Friday Trolley Hop- closing of the Spot 5 Show. Come to rep yourself, your book, do some drawing, etc.

The Great Escape wants to give us a window facing Bardstown Road to promote our comics and shows and here’s my thoughts: I’m going to put something in there. As of now, it’ll feature my main characters and info about APRIL and L.C.S. If you want to work on this too, naturally you can feature your creations.

Make Fliers!!!!!
An 8.5×11 Drawing ( done to your taste ) that features the LCS logo and info- ( for now- Steve’s got the Eastern High brain trust working on our better web home) and the following info : APRIL IS LOUISVILLE COMICS MONTH! APRIL9-30! SHOW AT SPOT 5 (2044 Frankfort Avenue 40206)  APRIL 16TH Rock Show at Skull Alley( Joe & Carrie- please fill in blanks for who and what time) First L.C.S. Anthology on sale Now!
Put these up anywhere you go that’ll let you. I’m attaching the L.C.S. logo. Use it Wisely.

Also in April- To be scheduled: at Least one Anthology Signing/ opportunity to sell books at Preston Arts Center, maybe one at Great Escape or Zone,
I’m Teaching a Comic Workshop for Teens April 6 at the new Kentucky School of Art.
and Katie Beach is putting together a one hour program at St. Matthews library – a demo/ draw along . Please let me know if you can be a part of any of these things.


April’s gonna be big, but here’s some things to keep us moving forward.

NEXT ANTHOLOGY: Let’s try to generate a new topic and four page stories by June. Possible topics so far: Myths, fears, romance… send in ideas and we’ll vote for next topic at the next meeting. Topics are due by April 1st.
NEXT MEETING: ON OR AROUND APRIL 2ND- I’LL LET YOU KNOW SOON. Please let me know: if you want to bring in your work to be looked at for a longer discussion, or have any other things you’d like to bring to the table.
WILLIAM LEVY has a table at Millenicon in mid March and will haul your books up there for you. Contact him:


( sorry for my manic tone… I gave blood and hung an art show this afternoon and I may be getting a little woozy. Also- I have comic art up at Sunergos Coffee Shop for the month of March.)


I hope everybody’s thawing out well! Thanks to everyone who made it to our last meeting and put up with the less than ideal circumstances of standing around a bar. Good news- we have a home again! We’ll be meeting at Spot 5 Gallery courtesy of Jeff Freeman and Laurie Blayney. They have chairs and tables and everything! We’ll meet at 7:30 next Monday -the 1st of March.

To help make meetings more productive, we’ve decided to go ahead and plan meeting agendas in advance. The basic idea is this: we want to meet monthly, with meetings rotating between ‘critique’- a chance for you discuss your own work and get constructive feedback from the group, and ‘drawing jams’ – a more informal drawing and sharing ideas session. We’ll open each meeting up with News and Notes- here’s where we’ll discuss upcoming opportunities, shows, etc, and then launch into the ‘meat’ of the meeting.  This way, we can spend our meeting time as productively as possible.
We’ll discuss this more on the 1st in the ‘news section’.  The meeting on the 1st will be a drawing session- we’ll be doing some fun pass-and-draw comics. So- bring your favorite pencil and supplies and we’ll do some drawing! Of course, if you have any thing you want to bring in and share- please do!

Big news: April is gonna be Louisville Comics Month, with our anthology and show opportunities galore! Prepare yourself ( and start finding work to bring in for shows) as we’ve got several upcoming events. I’ll be posting more about all the upcoming awesomeness later, but I really just wanted to pass the word- NEXT MEETING MARCH FIRST 7:30 AT SPOT 5 GALLERY!

Spot 5 Gallery

2044 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

Thanks, and let me know if you guys have any questions!




Thanks Carrie for putting these together!

It was awesome to see such a great turnout for the L.C.S. meeting.  Thanks to Ted for organizing it and scrambling to make the venue change work when Ray’s fell through.  I took some notes and wanted to share them so we could get started on discussing some of the topics that were brought up.
1. LCS Anthology Release party/gallery show opening:
The anthology looks awesome and we are excited to get this thing out!  We discussed the weekend of April 16-18.  Spot 5 was mentioned as a place for the gallery show, as well as Skull Alley.  Joe and myself are both in bands (Adventure and Second Story Man) and have shows booked in town that weekend.  We are hoping to play one of those together on Friday April 16th @ Skull Alley, where we could have the book for sale and perhaps some original comic art on the wall..this way we can bring our comics to a new audience. It’s still just a possibility at this point, nothing has been confirmed.  Preston Art Center is willing to hold a signing for the Anthology.  Any comments, suggestions, ideas for events to push this book?
2. Promotion for Anthology: We can definitely send it to LEO, Velocity, C-J locally where we do have some connections with writers.. any other ideas for media we could send a press release and sample copy to for review either locally or nationally?
3. A New Website:  While Ted has been generously hosting the LCS news on his own website, it would be awesome if we could secure our own domain ( and find someone with web design skillz who could build it for us. We’d really like to have a website where each artist has his/her own page and could upload new work to it.. perhaps a blog-like format for each artist?  Any ideas?
4. Leadership/Organization: We’re talking about having a smaller sub-group form that will take charge of the logistics of getting stuff printed, paying for stuff, arranging meetings, etc. We’d like for everyone to have input into what we want the purpose of the other meetings will serve. Drawing sessions? Critiques? Sharing comics that inspire us?  What do you all want from this group?
5. New Anthology: We want to do another book– this time with a theme to help unify the work a bit more.. about 4 pages would be the ideal length.  What theme should we have? Let’s discuss!  Some ideas that were thrown out at the meeting:



Children’s Stories



Do you all like any of these topics or have any other ideas to bring up?  I know I’m eager to get started drawing and writing.. so let’s start discussing this!

Carrie Neumayer


I’m holding the proof copy of our first anthology in my hands and admittedly I’m biased but it looks pretty good.  I want to show it off and plan our next move.  There’s a lot to talk about. Here’s some agenda from the top of my head:

  1. Share art, new stuff, old stuff. It’s been a few months since our last meeting. What have you been up to? I know several of us were going to submit to Prima Press’ Tarnation Anthology- WHICH  I SHOULD POINT OUT has postponed its deadline, so there’s still time to get yer work in.
  2. Anthology. Discuss, make plans regarding initial order size, ‘distro’, etc. Carrie and Joe- if you still are interested in Second Story Man and Adventure playing the release show, lets start figuring it out. Also- Preston’s is interested in hosting a book signing.
  3. Drawing Jams. I’d like to do some more quick pass around drawings. I finally picked up a copy of Abel and Madden’s Drawing Words and Writing Pictures and the prompts in there are awesome.
  4. Other business- I’d like to discuss a slightly more official structure for the group. No big deal, just if we’re going to be taking money for print costs and doing some of the more involved things I think we can accomplish, we may want to have a firmer structure than just me getting around to running the group whenever I can. This may mean treasurers, group chair people, I don’t know yet.

Okay- that’s my rough agenda- anyone with any suggestions, corrections, or addendum can email me ( and let me know. As always, the bottom line of the L.C.S. is making and sharing comics. So please bring what you’ve got, even if it’s sketches, even if it’s just an idea you want to talk about. If you’re reading this and you haven’t been to a meeting yet, or in awhile, don’t panic. We thrive on new members and their energy, and we all wear name tags.

New Meeting January 26 7:15 @ Ray’s Monkey House -1578 Bardstown Road-

Bring your favorite pencil !





Happy New Year!

So we haven’t met in a month or two.

I wanted to get the anthology out to press before I did anything else, and that process took a little longer than I reckoned. Plus working on some new comics and a secret project with Squallis Puppeteers- I’ve been busy. Good News-I hear from Comixpress that the First Louisville Cartoonist Society Anthology is on its way! I’ll have a proof copy in my hands soon, and we’ll meet in early January and see where to go from here.

I hope everybody’s been busy and having good holidays and cheer and so on, but mostly I hope you’ve all managed to get some drawing in. It’s been a minute since our last meeting- in October, jeez… but now that this anthology is in the can, let’s meet and check it out. I’ll post soon with a meeting date.



Bruce Thomas will be at The Almost Famous Authors Faire promoting his novel Veritas Saturday,  November 7th. Both wrote Veritas with Mark Hothi and I’m looking forward to checking it out myself. The Faire is at the Galt House between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Looks like a lot of people will be down there, promoting their books and pressing the flesh. Good luck Bruce! Represent!

New Anthology ( not ours) info- see below!


Prima Materia Press is accepting original work from local artists for comic anthology Tarnation: Comics from the Other America

Louisville, KY – Local company Prima Materia Press is accepting submissions for the 2010 anthology, Tarnation: Comics from the Other America.

Local artist and illustrators are encouraged to submit their black and white original works before the 31 December 2009 to be considered for publication. Prima Materia was started in 2008 by local artists Terry Tapp and gallery owner Tim Faulkner. Both artists are deeply involved in the selection process and bring to the table a vast knowledge of art, artists and comic appreciation.

Tarnation: Comics from the Other America is a Louisville-based comic anthology dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the printed page and showcasing local and regional artists and writers. The only criterion for the anthology is that the work not be predictable.

All submissions must be post marked by December 31, 2009. Please do not send original works of art, all digital scans should have a resolution of 300 dpi.

All materials within the ten page limit are asked to submit to Tarnation Comics, c/o Prima Materia Press, PO Box 4068 Louisville KY, 40204. Digital submissions may be sent to

Tarnation: Comics from the Other America will be released in the Spring of 2010.


So I’ve been using a slight bout with the flu to get moving on the Anthology. Everyone’s pages are sized, Blue and Red lines have been removed, and everything’s ready to go. Here’s a Table of Contents, please check to make sure everything’s spelled correctly, etc.

  1. Bruce’s Magic Shop. Bruce Thomas
  2. Moe. Stephen Johnson
  3. Goner. Ryan Burns
  4. Space Adventure! Ted Nathanson
  5. Moe. Stephen Johnson
  6. Violin Lessons. Carrie Neumayer
  7. Subconscious. Jeremy Miller
  8. Moe. Stephen Johnson
  9. Ambush! Chris McMillen
  10. Over The Big Top.  Joe Welsh
  11. Moe. Stephen Johnson
  12. Ever Lasting. Jonathan Hawpe

There’s the order and title info. That puts us at 32 interior pages. At Comixpress we can print for 1.80 an issue after an initial setup fee of 21.60. We’ll get a proof copy before we put in a larger order. I want to hear from you guys on how much theses should sell for. At the last meeting, some points were raised about keeping prices low so we can move these things, and I agree, but I don’t think we should take a loss on the books. Merchants often sell the book for twice what they pay for it. If we want our books at The Great Escape, they’ll pay us half what they sell for. I propose 4 dollars a book, so we can at least make 20 cents a copy.  We need to figure this out before we send the book to be printed.

Lets shoot for a meeting toward the middle of November- we want longer looks at people’s work and more drawing! Lets get this Anthology to press and get back to drawing! Please post suggestions and inspirations as they occur. More soon!

Anthology cover-


with cool border



without cool border- but with LCS logo



So…. with or without fancy border? Thoughts on copy? I’m  open to suggestions.


Table of ContentsAnthology table of contents by Jenevieve Broomall.

Okay! Tomorrow night- Monday, October 5th- @ Ray’s Monkey House @ 7:00! Be there or else! Or else miss being a part of something really, really cool.
Tomorrow Business:
  • Finalizing the anthology stuff- taking a look at what we’ve got so far, giving a final look over, deciding page order, etc.
  • Seeing what people have been up to lately- bring sketch books and ideas please.
  • I’ll give a rough debrief of my experience last week end at SPX in Bethesda, and show off a couple off sweet things I brought back with me.
  • Doing a bit o’ drawing- I really want to do more pass n’ draw stuff- so I’ll bring some panel xeroxes to work from. I saw a few anthologies at SPX that were little more than published passarounds with a cheeky sense of humor and that didn’t take themselves too seriously. This is exciting stuff.
So yeah! Bring it tomorrow night at Ray’s! If you can’t make it just drop a comment below so we know you still care.

carriespotpostCarrie Neumayer

chrisspotpostChris McMillen

Time for another meeting! Let’s meet  MONDAY OCTOBER 5TH at Ray’s Monkey House. Everyone’s been super busy, myself included, and it’s time to regroup. We have front and back covers for the anthology, and inside cover graphic, and I’ve got work from five people. THE 5TH IS FINAL DEADLINE FOR BEING INCLUDED IN THE ANTHOLOGY. Obviously we want everyone to be involved, and the more of us contribute, the better the anthology. So finish your four pages! If you don’t make it, no problem, we’ll see you next time. After we have the final page count, we’ll be able to divvy up print costs.

I just got my second issue back from Comixpress and can now attest that they are good folks who do awesome work, and we can proceed with getting our anthology to them . This also means that all those nagging technical issues I was worrying about have been figured out, so we’re green lit all across the board.

That’s the anthology. Other business regarding the meetings. I want to see what people are thinking about and working on in sketchbooks. If you aren’t putting together an official ‘book’, please bring what you are doing. I’ve benefitted from seeing everyone’s approach to drawing/inking/thinking, and I want to discuss some ideas for stories and character concepts. I’ve got a few story ideas that I suspect could be better and I happen to know a group of people who are uniquely positioned to help me with that problem.

I loved doing the pass around collaborative drawing exercises and think we could go further with those. We haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg- 24 hour comix, full collaborative comics.. we could do a collaborative comic each meeting and publish those, and it’d be easy and great, like a live album or something. Any suggestions along this line would be appreciated.

Bringing finished comics to meetings is wonderful to see, but we really can be useful as more of a comics crucible, where ideas are forged from awkward material. So let’s work to that end. Also- now that we’re moving ahead with the Anthology, let’s draft a real plan to display original work somewhere. I’ll be taking suggestions and looking for volunteers.

A final note on communication- my email skills aren’t what they oughta be, and I apologize. If I’m not reaching you via email, let me know here at the website. If you are confused about what’s going on, post here too, and hopefully we can have lines of communications that go between members and not just through me.

So- next meeting OCTOBER 5TH  7:00 @ Ray’s- final due date for anthology- plan on drawing- bring ideas and sketches and hopes and fears and I’ll see you there!



lcslogoLOGO Drawing: Carrie Neumayer.

Well Carrie that looks great. I’m gonna use it today in fact.

Some quick business regarding communications:
Matt, Jenevieve and anyone else who I’ve missed- I apologize but my email skills have apparently been omitting people lately. It happened to Carrie and now its happened to you. I’m going to try to trouble shoot, and keep the LCS info page up to date as well. Also – anybody who needs off the email list, please let me know. It won’t hurt my feelings, probably.

We had a quick meeting last week- it was pretty much business oriented. I’ve got 4 pages for the anthology from: Chris, Carrie, Bruce, Ryan and Myself, and I’m expecting stuff from Jeremy, Jonathan, Joe, and Matt. Joe is working on getting the cover ‘in the computer’ and I’ve got Ryan’s back page. On the interior front page we’ll have table of contents and a splash graphic. We roundtabled a Logo, which Carrie polished up and I’m quite pleased with.

The deal with the Anthology is this: we’d like as many people to be in as possible, with as many different voices and styles as possible. We would like to have this thing put out to the printer soon- like within a week or two soon. I don’t know the best way to say ‘don’t stress out but get your comic finished’ so I’ll put it like that. I’m not worried about missing the deadline for SPX, but we do need to get this thing finished just for in-city promos and etc. Can I hear from people on the status of their four pagers?  Comics are emailable to me, or we did discuss having another quick Ray’s meeting this Thursday. Would anyone be able to meet on Thursday?

Also- even if you aren’t involved with this Anthology, you are stilll invited to participate in the next one, and to keep coming to meetings and sharing whatever you’ve got going on.


Ryan Burns.  from GONER.

btwebsiteBruce Thomas. from Bruce’s Magic Shop.



UPDATE August 4-

Good Meeting- thanks everyone who came and if you didn’t make it, we’ll see you next time.  Carrie- I apologize for dropping you off the email list- I have no idea how it happened, and it definitely was unintentional.

For the Anthology:  Here’s my list of people contributing four pages: Joe, Matt, Ryan, Ted, Carrie, Jonathan, Chris/Mike/Kim, Bruce, & Jeremy. If you want on or off the list, please let me know.  We have tentatively decided on Joe handling the front cover and Ryan working on the back.  Guys remember that we’ll need a little wiggle room in your designs to fit Titles and such. We are still looking for a L.C.S. Logo that we can use on trades- Joe and I worked up some good ideas & I’ll try to post something soon. Also- what are we calling this thing? Louisville Cartoonist Society Presents? L.C.S.: Blood Harvest? Ideas, please, or I won’t be responsible for whatever I come up with.

We also need to decide cost and designs for the interior front cover. I figure it’ll just be a table of contents and a sweet graphic. Jenevieve- if you are interested in working on that sweet graphic- consider yourself asked.

I’ll check on pricing & other logistics, and post what our individual costs are going to be. I think the bulk of the books should be sold with proceeds going to a fund to cover our next print run, and individual artists splitting up the remainder. That keeps it nice and neat. If anyone wants to help on the formatting- which needs to be in a PDF- I’d appreciate it, because I haven’t done that kind of formatting yet and don’t want to mess it up alone.

We need to have these things in the next two weeks, so I propose another ‘drop-off’ meeting at Ray’s ( we’re not abandoning Preston’s, but it’s awful nice to have drinks and such. ) How about Monday the 17th? Of August. Jpgs can be emailed to me as always, and if you have a hard copy I’ll be glad to scan it, but it needs to under 8.5 x 11.

Okay that’s it. Chris is still accepting stuff to sell at the upcoming Fright Night Filmfest, up to the morning of. See below for details. If you have stuff, this would be a good place to sell it.  Okay- that’s all I got for now. My basement flooded and I’m leaving town for about a week- so I’ll be busy but reachable through email or web stuff. Thanks!



BELOW: Two group comics done by L.C.S. members, both based on prompts from the excellent Drawing Words & Writing Pictures By Jessica Abel & Matt Madden.


Starting at the end and working backwards.


Dialogue done as single icons.

AVC: What is it about the comics medium in particular that appeals to you as a storyteller?

GM: The essentially magical qualities of inert words and ink pictures working together with reader consciousness to create a holographic Sensurround emotional experience. What else?

-Grant Morrison, interviewed by the Onion here.

New Links:    LEXINGTON COMIC GROUP,     Chris McMillen @ Inkwell Tattoo


Good meeting! Thanks everybody- it was awesome to see what people have been working on, and exciting to see so much new work.  A quick review of what’s up:

Chris McMillen is going to have a booth in town August 14-16 at the Fright Fest Convention, and has offered to put out a small L.C.S. display. This is awesome, and we”ll be collecting work in Early August at our next meeting. It’d be nice to have an L.C.S. display- I’ll see what I can figure out, but if anybody else has display ideas- something for like a corner of the table to put books and art on- don’t be shy about it.

Small Press Expo is September 26-27 in Bethesda MA, not far from D.C. It costs 15 dollars for the weekend, and yeah, its far away, but totally worth going to. I’m going, Carrie Neumayer’s going, if you wanna go maybe we can coordinate something. Bring your books and art and mingle with all the important comic publishing people. It couldn’t hurt.

Anthology! We want to go ahead and collect a max of four pages that show off your stuff- whether it’s a complete story, cool pin-pups, abstract space jams, or so on. We’re gonna try and have this thing PUBLISHED IN TIME FOR SPX, so work will need to be due, hopefully, by our next meeting. It looks like we need to leave at least three weeks for printing and shipping.

Comixpress printing page here.

Anyone who wants to be linked from the Cartoonist’s Section of this site is welcome. Send an email: with a few jpegs, short bio and/or a web link and I’ll hook it up. Chris-what’s your webpage? Anybody else got stuff up online?

A Big Thank You to Don and everybody at Preston’s for letting us meet in the shop in the first place, and for the sweet new Strathmore Bristol pads to test out. I hear the Strathmore sales rep wants to come down and give us a demo of all their comic supplies- let’s hear it for strength in numbers, right?

Next Meeting: MONDAY AUGUST 3RD @ RAY’S MONKEY HOUSE on Bardstown- so decided because they serve both coffee and beer. Pick your Poison and Bring your Sketchbook, we’re doing a drawing Jam! No theme, but it’s been suggested that you should bring an image or phrase to throw in an idea pile. I like this a lot, and instead of explaining what I think an idea pile should be, I’m gonna leave it up for interpretation.




JULY 7- 7:00 PM



Bring Something to look at and talk about.






























Samal McNealy’s Burlesque. Sketch by Ted Nathanson

June 2009 Meeting Wrap- Up


Have I said how much I’m enjoying these meetings? Our numbers are growing and the work people are bringing in is amazing. Thanks to everybody who came to the last meeting and for those of you who couldn’t be there: you were missed. We got into some useful crit stuff, which I figure will only improve as we all get to know each other’s art, and I appreciated seeing all the art books people brought in.

On to the notes.

First: resource stuff I promised I would send out.

I get my originals scanned at Don Meredith Reprographics at 2434 Crittenden Drive. My contact there is Chris Bishop, and the number is 636-0155. I’d just tell him what you have and let him quote you a price. He usually cuts me a deal, but he doesn’t have to, so be nice. He does a good job and usually gets things back in a day. Black and white is less expensive ( a lot) than color, and smaller is cheaper than bigger.

On Demand Publishers– I found two I so far that seem okay-
Acredale media prints ‘all ages’ comics- so no cussin’, guts, or nudity, I guess….

Comixpress seems like a better deal- they will discount your order if you let them place an ad in your book, and the print cost is less than acredale., go to the printing tab.

both places offer b/w interiors on 60# paper, color covers on heavier stock, and variable page counts- as long as they’re multiples of 4.  Look around. If you find something better, let us know.

Shows and Con info

The small press expo is September 26-27 in Bethesda Maryland, which is far away- a 10 hour drive. It should be awesome though. Look at the site: It is probably the single best con that we could go to, as far as meeting people who’d want to publish our stuff.

The St. James Unfair is OcT 2-4 and we should definitely have a booth. I can’t find anybody to approach yet, if anyone has a lead on who runs the Unfair, please let me know.

Other news:
We all pretty much agreed to work on a four page sequence to critique at  the next meeting . Remember this doen’t need to be perfect or the world’s best story, just something  that ties images together in a narrative way. The goal is to have something with an intention that you are aware of and that we can talk about. Doesn’t have to be inked, just bring in four pages of something.

also- Jason is working on a logo using the L.C.S. initials, and there is some discussion about whether we should call ourselves the Louisville Cartoonist Society, or the Louisville Cartoonist Studio. Anybody who wants to vote on this let me know by the next meeting. I swear to be impartial( I am, however, still going to vote.).

What else am I missing? Oh yeah – next meeting. How about Tuesday, July 7? That’ll give everybody an extra week to work and not mess with the 4th. Lemme know so I can schedule it with Prestons.
That’s it for now- anybody with ideas please share them, and I look forward to hearing from you.

MAY 2009

Okay, I’d say the first meeting was a success. Thanks everyone for coming- I think this is going to be fun, and I’m already super inspired. Please treat this email as a rough draft that you can modify and pass back out- this is pretty quick and rough.

Now on to my notes:
Big Stuff:
Mike wants to put together a website for us to meet and post on. Mike, that would be awesome; please let us know if you need any help. Ideally each artist could put work up under their name and we could all use the space to post info and plan.  Carrie suggested we try to get work to each other before meetings so we think about it- this would be the best way to do that.
One thing we all need to think about is graphics- logos, images, etc. It’d be sweet to have shirts, too.
Samal is checking on cons in the area this summer- if you can, we’re going to need the info on booth registry. We don’t want any deadlines to get past us.

Meeting ideas:

We want to have the meetings offer a chance for focused crits-so  we’re asking 3-4 people to step up for longer sessions each meeting. Bring sketches, books, or ideas in progress and we’ll try to spend some brain power on feedback. Bringing in outside artists/ book to look at would be great, too. Please post if you can bring something in.
There were a bunch of good Art Jam suggestions- instead of paraphrasing, I’m gonna ask that if you’ve got one, post it here. Cool ideas also- collaboration and drawing each other’s characters. We could pass like four sketchbooks around and then print those- like Chris’ sketchbooks.

Distribution/ Display/ Sales

We’re looking for ventures to show/ sell work.  I’d like to hold off on a full bookshop initiative until we’ve got a few more finished books, but we can get con space now and just show …. you name it, so be thinking of how you want to sell your stuff.

We’ll split booth costs evenly, but our profits( just like our publishing costs) are our own..

Chris mentioned his tattoo shop Inkwell as a place for display & sale. Carrie knows about small press con. I’d like to have something at Good Folk Fest this winter, and maybe the  ST. James Unfair this fall.

Reading List( sure to expand exponentially):

Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud- THE best treatise on comics I’ve ever seen, written as a comic. Not a how-to, but so much better.


23 Responses to “Louisville Cartoonist Society Member Page”

  1. tednathanson said

    and now we can just post stuff here! How easy, right?

  2. Jeremy said

    Well done! This’ll be great for notes-n-such. Thx.

  3. Jenevieve Broomall said

    …Louisville Cartoonist Studio… MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
    I’m playing–I like both names.

    Is there still a drawing jam going on? I’d like to have one over the weekend if that’s ok or even tomorrow night?

  4. Jenevieve Broomall said

    Hey guys! Another artist I’m following on deviantart–very good w/ simple design & smooth coloring check him out!
    & here is a page layout he did for his own character as an intro–very nice layout & intro w/out words.

  5. Jenevieve Broomall said

    Illustration Friday!
    Very cool site & if you sign up (for free) you’ll get an email once a week w/ a theme to draw. This week is “Unfold” your works can be complicated or not–it’s all levels & all mediums.

    It’s basically a nice large drawing jam!

    Check it:

  6. Just wanted to Tell everybody I finally put together a Blogspot page. Doesn’t have a whole lot up yet, but I’m a workin’ on it.

    Love, Peace, and Chick’n Grease

  7. paul harshaw said

    If you would like to be in next year,s unfair contact me. All the vendors/artists are going to meet in the beginning of the new year to discuss permit requirements and ideas. Paul harshaw co founder

  8. phil said

    Hi – just found this group from the Preston Arts newsletter. When is the next meeting? How often do you all get together?

    • tednathanson said

      We’ll be meeting again in early January as soon as I have our first anthology in my hands. We’ve fallen a bit behind, but I’ll include you in our next email. We’d love to have you aboard!

  9. I like what you have to say

  10. Noob said

    Hello, can I just show up to a meeting and be a noob?

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  12. […] doing interesting things 24/7. Recently a bunch of those creative types got together to form the Louisville Cartoonist Society. The group consists of cartoonists, comic artists, and writers who collaborate and inspire each […]

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