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  1. I attended your workshop at the Boyd county library but had to leave early due to illness. I’m disappointed I had to to leave as I was hoping to talk to you about your work afterward. I also wanted to purchase copies of your comic. Guess I’ll have to try to get them online or something. Anyway, it was cool of you to take the time to do the workshop. Maybe I’ll be able to attend if you do another one locally. Best of wishes to you and your career.

  2. ron king said

    How do I join the Louisville Cartoonist Society?

  3. Hello Ted…. great stuff… i am a local artist as well and am a fan of your comics… my little girl & i love gumpop… i would like to learn more about the louisville cartoonist society…and getting more involved with cartooning… good luck with everything.. joe

    • tednathanson said

      Joe- The L.C.S. meets monthly at Spot 5 studio/ gallery. We’ll be all over the place in April and May- I’ll post our upcoming events soon and maybe you can come out and say hi!

  4. Drew Lewis said

    I am intrested in sending my cartoons to the Cartoonist Society of Louisville. The type of cartoons I create are in animated shorts. I uploaded some of them on Youtube. My character’s name is Pester Fly. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • tednathanson said

      Drew- I checked out your videos- funny stuff! You’d be welcome at any meeting. So far, we aren’t doing much anything with animation, but I’ll be happy to link to your videos.

  5. Gibbs Rounsavall said

    how does one join the LCS? Great Article in the courier!

    • tednathanson said

      Nice to hear from you!
      to join the LCS:
      first and foremost, one makes comics. or wants to.
      come to a meeting! They’re roughly monthly. I post times under the LCS tab.

  6. Ted,

    We have met a couple of times before and I think you were a member of the old Art Unleashed/Sketch Magazine blog before it moved under Comic Related’s banner.

    I just read the Velocity article(I never knew you guys existed) and want to help you out. One of our mandates on the site is to celebrate and advertise local talent. I have already linked the Velocity story on the website and I would like to do more to promote your group.

    Please check out the website and contact me at the above address so we can discuss how I can be of service to you and the other talented creators in your group.

    John Wilson

  7. Gibbs Rounsavall said

    What type of surface do you draw your panels on? I saw in one of the photographs from the article that it looked to be some sort of large board, maybe illustration board?

    Also, what do you use to ink? I have tried micron brush pens but don’t like the way they leave streaks. Any recommendations?

    The Monster Hunter cover is Great!!


    • tednathanson said

      That was indeed an illustration board, drawn on (in that case) with Faber Pitt brush marker- that’s the grey tone-, Sharpie, and this AMAZING brush pen from Japan called ‘the corporate’. But that drawing was done for a demo in front of people, and these days I tend not to work so big. Advantage to working big: fun for loose brush-and-ink work. Disadvantage: hard to get a quality scan. I drew my first issue poster size, with black acrylic ink and brush, and I liked it, but I had to pay a print shop to scan ’em, which was silly.
      So: illustration board’s great ( i use a #20), but there’s this stuff called Blue Line Board that’s essentially 11×17 bristol with light blue guides for panels and page size.. That’s what I’m using now, and that’s what I recommend.

      I ink with brush, that ‘corporate’ mentioned above, Sharpie paint pens( the water based kind-regular sharpies brown out and look cruddy for inking, Pitt pens, and Microns( if I have to. Microns kinda suck)
      Are you on Facebook? The LCS has a page and right now there’s a discussion going about materials that would be right up your alley.
      and you should see the Monster book in person- it’s way more fun.

  8. Hi Ted,
    I’ve been trying to track down contact info for you or your group. Congrats on the new anthology and the Comics and Rock show! I was blown away by the coincidence, I organize a similar comics group in Indianapolis and we just released our first anthology this month at a comics and rock show we organized in Indianapolis.

    I love the symmetry!

    Anyway, you can write us at indywebcomics@gmail.com our site is http://www.indywebcomics.com

    I’d love to get in contact with you and learn more about your group.

    -Lee Cherolis

    • tednathanson said


      Thanks for looking for us! We should try to schedule a meet up- there’s also a group in Lexington, and a greater Kentucky Comics Group too. I’m thinking: Convention? If nothing else, lets exchange Anthologies. We’ve been overwhelmed with business lately but lets try to talk over the summer.

  9. Alex Breen said

    Hi Ted,
    i was wondering when is your next meeting? I would really be interested in attending it. I am not an artist but i am interested in becoming a comic book writer and i would love to see what its like to draw a book and maybe even meet some people who would want to collaborate on some comics with me. I might not have a lot of experience with writing yet but i figured it would be best if learned by trying it out.i would really appreciate it if you had any tips for an aspiring writer or maybe even some people who would be interested in working on something.
    thanks for listening

    Alex Breen

    • tednathanson said

      Alex- we’ll be meeting at Preston Arts Center on Wednesday December 15th at 7:30 to share work and see whats been going on. Feel free to joins us!

  10. Pernilla Meyer said

    Hi! Curious if you had any plans to teach the Planet Builders OR a Cartooning class at Preston Arts Center (or elsewhere) this summer? (for an eight year old).


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