Here you’ll find some recent-ish comics. I’m a big believer in the ‘learn-by doing’ theory, so there are some bumpy parts in with the good stuff. You can find these comics and more at stores around Louisville, any Louisville Cartoonist Society ‘happening’, or anywhere I happen to be.


GUMPOP! is the story of an amnesiac Super-Hero with a head covered in Bubble Gum, who finds himself drawn into a strange caper when he tries to rescue a young boy from a trio of little Misters, a gentle giant named Jawbreaker, and an evil candy maker named Lazlo Pennyfeather.  Click through to read issue one!

Invasion of the Cheese!

Invasion of the Cheese is a story that culminated from a Partnership with Squallis Puppeteers, the Iroquois Library, and a group of Louisville kids. The kids and I came up with a large superstory framework of an invasion. We all made comics set in that story-world, which became a comic, and later, thanks to the awesome artists at Squallis, a puppetshow that toured the Louisville Libraries. Made possible by a Kentucky Arts Council Grant.  Click through to read my contribution.


a short story contribution to the First LCS Anthology. space action!


The Horror! The Horror! Scariest Thing I’ve ever done. From the Louisville Cartoonist Society’s Comicnomicon, our collection of Horror Stories.

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