This summer I’ve been working on a new book that I’ll be showing at Forest Giant’s WILD ECHOES show this weekend!


The book, about two kids in the woods, is kind of hard to describe and about as difficult to photograph. It’s a double sided, three hinge accordion/pamphlet book that follows an abstract narrative in an interactive, nonlinear series of unfoldings and uncoveries.

That’s not a bad description, actually, except that neither ‘unfoldings’ or ‘uncoveries’ are actually words. Sigh. You really just have to see it, so you should come to this show.



Look at their pretty poster for date and location info!

Castles made of sand

August 10, 2013



The ancient city faced the open and endless sea, a ruin from a previous age and nearing the end of its erosion into memory. A small but dedicated Brotherhood of scholar-monks live within these ruins, and a smaller-still group of soldiers tasked with their keep.



Within the mysterious and fragile libraries of the old city, the monks explore and scour, hoping to understand forgotten knowledge and uncover lost secrets.

This remote city was a port once, when men traveled the sea, before the danger and the immensity and the years and the skill was forgotten.

For generations the monks have dedicated themselves to deciphering the mysteries of the library in hopes of learning of the greater world of their ancestors. It is a quiet life. So too for the soldiers, who rarely encounter more than local animals and hermits out here at the edge of things.



Until the day when our story begins, when a visitor arrives at the front gate, the sea gate, for the first time in living memory…