June 12, 2012

I don’t normally post sketches and incidental drawings. Usually I work so loose and sloppy that there isn’t much I’d like to show folks, but I like these. This selection are all from my thumbnail pages for Starbound and Dragon and the Deep Sea. I go through pages and pages of quick sketches to flesh out story ideas or character designs. Very often I find I’ll like the energy and expression of the concept sketch more than the finished product…

Madlox, a fighting mad version of Maylox from the Starbound strip.


Character design and incidental business for the Aviator

Figuring out Gus’ plane

Quick gestures for the Frogman

Maylox’s awesome Uncle Corky has yet to be debut in Starbound, but he already has a little room in my heart. Also: Maylox had his teeth capped!