Geez it’s like I’ve abandoned my blog! What’s been going on since mid-February ( man, time flies)? A bunch of Baby Stuff. Our son Archer Lee was born at a little past midnight on February 26- he rules. My wife Sarah has the whole story over at her blog, Nathanson Nest, for the full run down plus some pics of the first two weeks. I notice she hasn’t updated lately either. I do not understand how you could have a newborn AND keep up an online presence. Babies, god love em, are not impressed by the internet.

Archer is amazing, but very attention demanding, so aside from trying to get ready for this summer’s show in Frankfort, and teaching gigs all summer( more on these later), I’ve been hanging out with him.  Oh and I started grad school. Yikes. What I really wanna do is keep working on the second issue of Dragon and the Deep Sea, which I’m serious is the best thing I’ve done, or it will be when it’s finished. here’s page two:

There’s that and I worked with young artist David Ploetz for the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft‘s Side by Side project, pairing local artists with special needs young folks to make some collaborative works- our comic is up at the museum now.

David and I at the Rocketship Studio getting our comics on.

Our Display at the KMAC show.

Other stuff:The Louisville Cartoonist Society has a new book coming out titled The Future! with a beautiful cover by expatriate genius Alex Wilson, and the awesome Phil Back put together a Kickstarter fund-raiser to pay for printing. Thanks to everyone who contributed- we made our goal! More on all this later too.

more Starbounds! There’s been a couple since February, and more work has been done on the upcoming Nebulous Agenda, although I tell ya babies slow down drawing time. They’re wonderful little creatures, but they are alarmingly hapless. Here’s one of the new ones:

Note the shout outs to wife & son in the lower left panel.

That’s it for now- I hear the boy stirring in his crib. More art and news soon! Sooner than three months, I promise!