July 4, 2011

Check it out in this week’s LEO Weekly, available all over the city of Louisville. And check back weekly for other Louisville Cartoonist Society comics!

A few Saturdays ago I taught a terrifically fun ( for me at least ) bookbinding demo/workshop at Historic Locust Grove as part of their seminar on the Book.

Long day, but a great turnout. and check out my new books!

The accordion book make-and-take was wayyy more dynamic than it looks.

left: small caliber gun target book, right: 40 year old contact paper book.

Here’s some photos from a few recent teaching opportunities-

The always terrific folks at Squallis Puppeteers are across the Hall from my Rocketship Studio. They brought a class over last week and we had the inaugural drawing class in the new space! Look for more info about Fall classes soon!

Out at the Owensboro Library for a few different sessions in Storytelling and comics making. Great Library! Great Kids! I wish I could have a library card for the whole state.

I can draw Spider-Man in Dry-erase marker in, like, 2 minutes tops.

Who’s ever read a comic?

A Beginning-Middle-End comic, with crazy character face.

Amongst the people. The first crowd was a little young, but they hung in there and made up stories with the best of ’em.

I want a Dry-Erase Wall everywhere I go from now on. Including my house.

The three things you have to warm up before you draw: Eyes Brain and Hands!

And finally show and tell time.

Thanks to  Rachel Helm @ the Owensboro Library for all the great Library Pics!