Recovered from a flooded basement…

May 21, 2010

I just uncovered this old print from college in a stack of dried, damaged art from last Fall’s basement flood. I lost a ton of art- all old stuff,  but still… This survived. Its originally called ‘the Fascinatrix’ and it’s about our relationship with entertainment. It was colored in with watercolor, marker, etc, but it got kinda awesomely psychedelic thanks to its flood experience.

I way, way, prefer this to the original.


4 Responses to “Recovered from a flooded basement…”

  1. Drew Lewis said

    I realy love this painting. It’s very creative.

  2. eve englezos said

    I have an uncolored version of this print and I prefer this version, too. (No offense.) So all I have to do to it is color it in and toss it into a flooded basement, huh? Seems easy enough.

  3. Janna said

    So funny… I was putzing around Facebook and found you. I actually have the colored-but-unflooded version of this print on my dining room wall. Looks like you’re doing great! Glad to see that.

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